Roskilly's Farm and Porthoustock Beach, Cornwall

Aidan visited Falmouth at the beginning of January, so we decided to continue our tradition of driving to Roskilly's ice cream farm and Porthoustock beach! 

I hadn't ever been to an organic ice cream farm until visiting Roskilly's for the first time - heck, I didn't know farms like that existed! I know, I'm a typically ignorant Londoner. When I moved to Cornwall, Roskilly's had quickly become my favourite brand of ice cream; the quality of their ice cream is impressive compared to anything I have ever tried in London. A sugar cone with scoops of their clotted cream vanilla and caramel crunch is heaven in a mouthful. It genuinely tastes like good quality produce, and none of that Mr Whippy nonsense in a soggy cone, or some half-arsed scoops of ice cream from a mediocre hipster gelato place in South Kensington. Guys, Roskilly's is the real-fucking-deal. Milk and cream produced in the farm is used to make their ice cream! And it is satisfying to actually go there to buy their ice cream, with opportunities to pet the farm animals and walk through the meadows. I would highly recommend visiting the farm, or any other organic ice cream farm for that matter. 

Our second and final stop on our trips is Porthoustock beach. It was initially a spontaneous find; after visiting the farm for the first time, Aidan and I gave ourselves the challenge to find a nearby beach without using a map or GPS. Aidan simply drove downhill because, well, we assumed you wouldn't find a beach uphill, right? Then, hey presto, we found Porthoustock. It's a fairly minute pebble beach with some kind of abandoned building to its left, which can be climbed to achieve a better, and riskier, view of the sea. Past that there are a few rocks, hills, and stairs that can be climbed to get an even more impressive view of the sea, although a gate to a private farm only enables you to get so far. Generally our visits to the beach have been perfectly normal, but on one particular occasion (my birthday, in fact), we arrived and the beach was littered with dismembered crabs and starfish, a washed up jellyfish, and dead seagull. It was bizarre, and I still wonder if I dreamt it, but yeah, that was a thing. I thought it would be worth mentioning as a provision for anybody who decides to visit and is greeted with the same macabre scene. I mean, it could be a regular occurrence for all we know. 

Lots of love,

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