November Spotify Playlist

I must confess that I added Shutdown to my playlist at the start of December, but I listened to and quoted it so much in November that it would be a betrayal to exclude it from this post. And you may be wondering why I found the song so quotable, but you would be surprised by the amount of times I reworded the opening (i.e. "mans never been in Fal when it's shutdown") and felt the urge to say "ring, ring pussy, it's shutdown". Ah, it has been an wonderfully unexpected obsession. By far the best part has been stumbling upon JME's majestic Twitter account; please, I cannot urge you enough to take a look it it - it is packed with entertaining rants, stories, and random glimpses into his veganism:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Media presence aside, both he and Skepta remind me of home; grime was the most prominent music genre at the secondary school I attended, and I suppose the expectation to like it deterred me from it, until now.  Generally I have found that I prefer Skepta's songs, but would rather listen to JME's voice because he sounds less serious (that was unintentional). 

Other than those two dominating my playlist, I had added a couple of nostalgic songs into the mix. I remember hearing my brother play Stand Up Tall in the mornings when I would be waking up for primary school (I know, so young)! He would also play Fix Up, Look Sharp, and say it in a goofy voice for a good few years after the song was initially released, so listening to Dizzee always reminds me of happy memories. She Wants isn't on the same wavelength of sentimentality, but it does remind me of happy teen days. Back when I had a Tumblr in 2010/2011, a guy I followed - I think he was a student or local in Bristol(?) - hosted a radio show every Tuesday evening, and every so often I would listen in. He played She Wants just as 'The English Rivera' was released, and it has stuck with me ever since. Come to think of it, a lot of my favourite music had been discovered from people I followed Tumblr (e.g. Brand New, La Dispute, and Los Campesinos!). And lacking even an ounce of sentimentality is Baptism, which doesn't remind me of much other than my incessant hatred for Crystal Castles, again, probably around 2010. Come to think of it, in November I had seen a status on my Timehop complaining about how awful I thought their music was. Recently, though, Baptism tends to remind me of Skins, and that time I cried for 20 minutes when Chris died. I know, it was devastating.

Finally, in regards to House Every Weekend, what would my playlists be if they didn't feature an overrated mediocre song? For some strange reason at the start of November I was compelled to listen to it when studying in the library to motivate myself, eventually sticking it on loop and bobbing along like a moron. Soon after I discovered the wonders of coffee, and the song was no longer necessary. 

Like last month, I do not have any complaints with this playlist. In fact, I find myself still listening to it, so I suspect that my December playlist will be short!

Ang x

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