Hogwarts in the Snow

On Tuesday I surprised my best friend, Chloe, with a visit to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. We have both visited before, in April 2012, but since then they have added the snow feature for Christmas, the Hogwarts Express train, and the Backlot Cafe. In addition, I knew that Chloe would never expect me to plan something of this scale, so I knew it would be a fabulous surprise. When we arrived at Watford Junction station I was frantically looking around for the shuttle bus (which, incidentally, we did not get the first time we visited), and when it arrived Chloe was like "no Angela, are we really?! I didn't think it was here, I thought it was further out in the country? ANGELA?" 

The Shed, Falmouth

At the very beginning of December a few my friends at uni invited me to their house Christmas meal at The Shed in Falmouth. To be honest, I wasn't aware The Shed served anything other than their quirky cocktails, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear they served food.

November Spotify Playlist

I must confess that I added Shutdown to my playlist at the start of December, but I listened to and quoted it so much in November that it would be a betrayal to exclude it from this post. And you may be wondering why I found the song so quotable, but you would be surprised by the amount of times I reworded the opening (i.e. "mans never been in Fal when it's shutdown") and felt the urge to say "ring, ring pussy, it's shutdown". Ah, it has been an wonderfully unexpected obsession. By far the best part has been stumbling upon JME's majestic Twitter account; please, I cannot urge you enough to take a look it it - it is packed with entertaining rants, stories, and random glimpses into his veganism:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: