Septum Piercing

I must have been about 14 years old, and probably going through that scene phase or something alike, when I decided I wanted my septum pierced. At the time I dared not ask my mum for permission because I knew she would consider it too eccentric, and unequivocally say no, and instead settled for getting the side of my nose pierced. However, after a staggering four failed attempts at maintaining and re-piercing my the side nose (which, incidentally, I would like to try again), I figured - at 17 years old - it was probably time to give up with my piercing escapades. Now, after a good few years of respite, I thought I'd finally fulfil the last of my teenage endeavours before I properly begin adulthood... *cries at the thought of being a proper adult*.

Earrings - Fashionology / Lipstick - Illamasqua 'Sangers' / Tapestry - Urban Outfitters (SALE)
Where: Ship to Shore, Falmouth
Who: Jason Ling

Experience: The piercer began by probing the inside of my nose to estimate whether my nose had enough skin to pierce before the cartilage began. After that, he prodded around some more, telling me that he was trying to find the 'sweet spot' (the thinnest part of the skin) because it would be a considerably less painful spot to pierce. He then explained the piercing process: it would begin with the needle piercing my nose, then the jewellery would be attached at the end of the needle (or tube?), brought through the initial incision(?), then secured with a screw ball. The pain of the needle was how I believe/imagine all piercing pain to be: not as bad as anticipated. When the jewellery was pulled through the pain was more like a pinch, and less of a stab; it made my eyes involuntarily water, but it didn't significantly hurt. I then sat with my eyes clenched for about 10 seconds after feeling the pinch from the jewellery, expecting to feel more pain but, when I opened my eyes, Jason was standing there, finished. The piercing hasn't hurt at all since the jewellery was put in, so I suppose the sweet spot is actually a thing, or I have a weirdly high pain tolerance, or Jason is an impeccable piercer. Maybe all three. Who knows? 

Aftercare: For anyone who may be wondering, I have simply been dunking my nose into a mug of warm sea salt water, twice a day - morning and evening. I've also been flipping the ring up for work, which I know isn't advised, but I haven't experienced any troubles with that thus far.

And I believe that is all for now, folks!

Ang x x x

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