August and September Spotify Playlists

Finally I present to you my extremely late August and September Spotify playlists update - oops!
N.b. I have listed my newfound favourites in bold.

August in order of addition:
  • The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness
  • The Lumineers - Stubborn Love
  • The Lumineers - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
  • The Lumineers - Slow It Down
  • A Day To Remember - You Had Me @ Hello
  • A Day To Remember - All Signs Point To Lauderdale 
  • FKA twigs - Two Weeks
  • Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
  • The Kooks - Stormy Weather
  • Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
  • Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring 
  • Jamie T - Zombie 
  • Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
  • The Head And The Heart - Rivers And Roads
  • Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth
  • Johnny Flynn - The Water ft. Laura Marling

September in order of addition:
  • Half Moon Run - Call Me In The Afternoon
  • Tove Lo - Stay High (Habits Remix)
  • Twenty One Pilots - Ride
  • Twenty One Pilots - Doubt
  • The Mowgli's - Say It, Just Say It
  • Little Green Cars - Harper Lee
  • Crystal Fighters - Plage 
  • The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine
  • Lorn - Ghosst
  • Cage The Elephant - Telescope
  • Best Coast - Boyfriend 

I'm going to begin with my least favourite songs of this playlist so they can be swiftly put to rest. The first song to bother me by the end of August was Stormy Weather by The Kooks. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I much prefer Samuel Larson's cover of Stormy Weather (here) on YouTube, even though - yes - he is an ex-actor from yucky Glee (I love Glee). I rediscovered his cover in August and, because it isn't accessible on Spotify, I thought I'd add the original to my playlist as a presimably sufficient compromise. Alas, it was not. Then came Zombie by Jamie T. I absolutely adore the first 30 seconds of the song, but by the end August I had grown to dislike the quick transition after that comes immediately after; every time it jumped to "'cause I'm a sad, sad post-teen..." I would instantly skip it. Argh! It's an irrational irritation, I know. My impatience for the song is remarkably similar to when I would set my alarm tone to a song I liked, but would eventually loath the song because of its attribution with waking up early. Oh, the woes of upbeat songs when you aren't in the mood for getting pumped.

Moving on to my newly established favourites of August: This Must Be The Place, Two Weeks, and Sleepyhead. At first I wasn't aware that This Must Be The Place was a cover of Talking Heads;  although I do somewhat like the original, the cover by The Lumineers is beautifully delicate in comparison. It is a song that I definitely won't get bored of quickly. My next discovery of the month was Two Weeks by FKA twigs. I stumbled upon her music when shamlessly googling hot pictures of Robert Pattinson... and I regret NOTHING. It took me a few listens of 'LP 1' to fully determine whether I liked her style or not - when I decided I did, Two Weeks became my favourite of the album, shortly followed by Video Girl. Lastly we have Passion Pit's Sleepyhead! I know I'm late to the Sleepyhead hype but damn, it is such a good song! I can't help but sing along to the chorus, and belt out 'sleeeeepyheaaaad'. I think it's the right amount of upbeat (unlike Plage, which I will get to shortly), so whenever I felt down in August this would be my go-to song. In fact. it was my go-to song in September, too!

Shall I start with the worst again? Okay. Let's go. I wasn't in love with the majority of my September playlist - I liked them all fleetingly, then indifferently, bar one. I only went as far to actively hate one: Plage by Crystal Fighters. I shouldn't have added it. I shouldn't have. It's one of those songs that you hear whilst you're out and remains lodged in your head for a painful amount of time. That is exactly what happened with Plage, and I had the brilliant idea of adding it to my monthly playlist. Why, Angela, why? The last time I willingly played the song was around mid-September, in the day - ONCE - and 8 hours later it was stuck in my head at work. Do you know what's worse than having an annoyingly upbeat song stuck in your head when you're a waitress? Nothing. Nothing, I tell you. No, I don't want to go to the fucking Plage!

Now for an ungraceful transition to my single favourite of September: Ride by Twenty One Pilots. I had mentioned their song Stressed Out in my July Spotify post, and that I had tried and failed at liking more of their songs. As it happens now, I have actually grown to like most of 'Blurryface'! Similarly to Sleepyhead, I cannot be stopped in belting out the drawn-out 'ride' in the chorus. I'm such a sucker for catchy songs (not Plage). Other than Ride, I really enjoyed listening to THIS piano cover of Where's My Mind by The Pixies. If you decide to listen to anything from this post, please let it be that. It is incredible. There is a 35min loop of this composition that I listen to when I'm studying - it makes me feel as though 35mins of work has gone by in 3.

If you'd like to read my significantly less rant-y July Spotify post, you can find it here.

Lots of love,
Ang x

Update: I have just posted this blog entry only to realise that Maxence Cyrin's piano cover of Where's My Mind is on Spotify! I had no idea! Damn it. 

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