Why The Hell Not?

Not too long ago, Kate Powell (a 19 y/o, moderately well known artist) tweeted a quote about how some people wait for inspiration to motivate them to work, whereas others simply get on with things, and don't wait for a burst of inspiration to drive them to create. It didn't take me long to realise that I am undeniably someone who waits for bouts of inspiration before starting or finishing any creative project. It's embarrassing, I know. You can probably tell from my abysmal post count how infrequently inspiration comes to me - I've had two posts drafted since June, with no excuse for not finishing them! The same applies to the artwork I (try to) produce in my free time; I've had an 18-week summer to experiment with creative projects, but I have only managed to complete one (a measly embroidery piece pictured below).

So, to the few readers of my blog, I'm turning a new leaf: I'm going to just do more, because why the hell not? (I've shamelessly stolen the 'do more' slogan from Casey Neistat, who, incidentally, is someone that gets off his arse to do more without waiting around to be inspired.) Now, if I do just idly sit by I'll find myself at 35, still waiting for some kind of motivation, with a meagre amount of work/achievements to be proud of. There is absolutely no point in waiting for the new year or some sort of milestone to start changing; so my hard work is going to start NOW!

Wish me luck.

And finally, before I sign off this brief post, I'll share the pitiful amount of the artwork I've done this year; hopefully I'll have a lot more to share in another eight months!

A Helpful Hand - HB and B2 pencil on paper.
Caitlin - Sharpie on acetate.
Caitlin - Sharpie on acetate, made 3D in Photoshop by Tara.
Pendennis - Oil on canvas. (I realise it's shit, it was my first time using oils - never again!)
Banana Queen - Sharpie and nail varnish a bench outside of my halls for first year. (Copy of a tattoo I saw on instagram.)
Shit - Embroidery.
One Wave, Or Another - Embroidery (unfinished).

Ang x

P.S Sorry, I don't know who to accredit the header to?

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