Hair Experiments (September 2014 - May 2015)

My hair has gone through four main waves of changes in my first year of university, each being (for me at least) huge jumps of bravery in terms of colour and length. I'm still not entirely comfortable with the thought of dyeing my whole head an unnatural colour, or cutting my hair super short, but I'm gradually getting to a state of not caring, which is good. 

I think a lot of my fears about hair colour have simply been because I have never been sure about whether a particular colour would compliment my skin tone. From roughly the age of 15-18 my hair had fluctuated from being ombre dark blonde/ginger to just natural, boring black. And that concluded the extent of my experimenting. For length, I had emotionally scarred myself from ages 10-14 by both having unflatteringly short hair, and from badly cutting my own hair. I don't know why I did it or continue to do so?! From age 14 onwards, I absolutely refused to have a haircut, which resulted in having incredibly damaged past-boob length hair; I negotiated with myself to keep it long for prom, but to cut it to collarbone-length in the summer of 2014 so that it could be healthy.

I began university like this:
September 2014. Naturally black, fringed, short-ish hair.

Phase one of my hair changes began somewhere in first term, when I attempted to get my hair to a dull dark pink:
November(?) 2014. Changes: ombre pink.

The ombre pink did not last long because I quickly decided I hated it, and wanted my hair one colour for the December Snowball - my dress was blue so I didn't want my hair to clash, or look desperately festive. This sparked phase two:
December 2014. Changes: dyed black hair.
I left my hair like that until early March, which is when I attempted to re-dye end ends pink again. The jet black colour, however, began to fade slightly, revealing the previous ombre hair. So throughout the stage not changing my hair, it still changed naturally. 

Then phase three began; I wanted to give myself the chance to have pink hair long enough to make an informed decision about it. Typically, that didn't work as planned because my hair turned more red than pink.
March 2015. Changed: ombre red hair.
Then for some reason, a few days after the above picture was taken, I had asked Ollie to trim my hair.
March 2014. Changes: 'trimmed' hair.
April 2015: Changes: naturally fading colour.
April 2015. Changes: Naturally fading colour.

The end of April marked the start of phase four - the final phase of drastic hair changes I will endure this year. I barely have any snapchats that documented the next occurrences, but after the above picture was taken, I dyed the ends green and my hair began to grow a fair bit. Then Tara (my flatmate) and I, spontaneously decided it would be a fantastic idea to cut my hair to rid myself of dead ends, and consequently the green ombre. 
May 2015. Changes: ombre hair cut off/ hair trimmed to collarbone-length.
The ends of my hair were still light enough to re-dye green, so I seized the opportunity to do so.
May 2015. Changes: re-dyed green ombre.
It didn't work nearly as well as it did the first time, but it was close enough. The green, like the pink/red was only a temporary colour and sadly faded after a few weeks. 
May 2015. Changes: naturally faded hair.

My hair is more or less how it is pictured above. I'm happy to have gone through so many hair changes over the past 9 months because I was able to figure out how I like my hair: just past my collarbones with lighter ends, or preferably green. Longer, or reddish-pink hair doesn't feel like me.

Finally, just incase anyone wonders, I used the Schwarzkopf hair dye range every time. Also, my snapchat is 'angelasharma'.

Have you changed your hair this year? ('Hair' has stopped sounding like a real word now - help!)

Lots of love,

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