OOTD: I Forget Where We Were

Ben Howard - 'I Forget Where We Were'

I have spent the past week or so moving out of my university halls, meaning that I've had to live out of a small bagful of clothes whilst the rest of my belongings were moved to a different location. I kept my favourite items with me, which consequently resulted in wearing black outfits in the hot summer weather. I thought I would blog my favourite bag-outfit:

Brand New

Brand New supported by Dinosaur Pile-Up in Gorilla, Manchester.

I decided against titling this post as a ‘live’ review simply because I realised the bulk of my ramblings would be about my four years of anticipation for the gig, and how it impacted my experience. Also I’m not knowledgeable in the protocols of live reviews so, although I’ll attempt one in my own way, I know already that I won’t do the band or gig any justice.

'(500) Days of Summer'

Usually when I watch a TV show or movie with company I notice strange nuances in the plot or characterisations that I generally wouldn't pay close attention to. For instance, last week I watched S05E08 of Game of Thrones with my friend and, for the first time EVER watching Game of Thrones, I pinpointed things that didn't fit coherently into the episode. For instance, that entire scene of Ollie talking Sam felt forced, and I was left with the impression that it was inserted for those who cannot follow the plot correctly; whereas when I watch Game of Thrones solitarily it always seems flawless, leaving me in awe. So, up until watching (500) Days of Summer with friends, I thought (as most people do) that Summer Finn was a bitch who used Tom, broke his heart, then flaunted her engagement in his face. But when reading against his perception of their relationship, I began to notice how Summer had treated Tom more-or-less fairly - she ensured that there was no uncertainty between what she and Tom were by reminding him on numerous occasions that she did not want a serious relationship.

Hair Experiments (September 2014 - May 2015)

My hair has gone through four main waves of changes in my first year of university, each being (for me at least) huge jumps of bravery in terms of colour and length. I'm still not entirely comfortable with the thought of dyeing my whole head an unnatural colour, or cutting my hair super short, but I'm gradually getting to a state of not caring, which is good. 

I think a lot of my fears about hair colour have simply been because I have never been sure about whether a particular colour would compliment my skin tone. From roughly the age of 15-18 my hair had fluctuated from being ombre dark blonde/ginger to just natural, boring black. And that concluded the extent of my experimenting. For length, I had emotionally scarred myself from ages 10-14 by both having unflatteringly short hair, and from badly cutting my own hair. I don't know why I did it or continue to do so?! From age 14 onwards, I absolutely refused to have a haircut, which resulted in having incredibly damaged past-boob length hair; I negotiated with myself to keep it long for prom, but to cut it to collarbone-length in the summer of 2014 so that it could be healthy.