Stress Spots

I'm 99% certain that exam stress is the cause of my annual May-time breakouts. Although I wasn't too stressed about exams this year (first year doesn't count towards my final degree), other silly stresses compensated for it, meaning that this year I still suffered from stress spots in exam season! (Hopefully next year will be better.) Accordingly, I thought a post like this would be helpful to remind other unfortunate souls like myself of what can be done to reduce stress-induced spots. The reminders are a good kick up the bum for exam season, but are also helpful to remember on strenuously busy days.

1. Keep hydrated. I know that once I'm in the 'zone' I completely forget to drink water, or any liquids for that matter. Personally, I would recommend drinking water rather than fizzy drinks or coffee because water is obviously better for your health. Even flavoured/sparkling etc. water will do just fine. 

2. Plan your time. This is the best way to avoid waking up in the morning and falling victim to a hysterical panic because you don't know where to begin on your insurmountable list of things to do. For me, planning my week or making a strict timetable has never worked (for revision), ever. My plans change very quickly, so I can't plan my time that way. I have found that planning my day the night before is sufficient and efficient enough to keep me productive, and to avoid unnecessary stress!

3. Take regular breaks. I went on my timehop the other day, and last year I had tweeted something along the lines of "designated breaks feel way better than procrastinating'. So, as well as planning your time of productivity, don't forget to schedule yourself some breaks - they keep you sane.

4. Get fresh air. This year I went through phases of spending 7 whole hours at a time in the library in futile attempts to cram for exams. Honestly, I had sat in the same spot for 7 hours. That's ridiculous. Whenever I revised in my flat I was lucky enough to have Tara barge into my room and pester me to accompany her to the campus cafe or shop (thanks BaeGuire). If being that active fails, open a window. I realised that there is nothing worse than breathing in gross stale air while you're revising, as it won't help your concentration or your skin. 

5. Get 8 hours of sleep, without sleeping/waking up at senseless times. I know that everyone knows they should get enough sleep, but I also know that not everyone does it, especially at university. It is a tricky one to master, but I think it is an absolute necessity for exam season; in the worst case scenario you could sleep through your exam, and that would suck (to say the least).

And on that ominous note of missing your exam, I would like to wish everyone good luck with their exams and/or results! Exam season sucks, but summer is around the corner so keep your chin up for the good times, and work on the 5 tips to keep you productive and clear-skinned.

Lots of love,
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