Lacking Motivation

I had pictured pretty flowers and pinecones on my windowsill for the header of this post, but I feel that the above image is more fitting. In it lies a feral Angela in her natural habitat: sprawled across her bed, tired and lacking motivation. (Captured by Ollie.)

My last post is four forgotten scheduled posts and a week shy of being a month old. I have spectacularly failed at scheduling posts. I initially thought that posting on Wednesdays and Sundays would be a great way to organise my blog around my university work, but, as it happens, that is pretty damn difficult when you feel uninspired and have looming deadlines. The plethora of posts I had planned in my absence have sadly not seen the light of the internet - they now only exist on crumpled sheets of paper and discarded notes on my phone.

I think that having unspecific scheduled posts, as I did, relies heavily on the presumption that you will have something interesting to blog about for each chosen day. I had given myself the detrimental freedom to blog about anything. In the weeks surrounding my last post, I felt that my ideas were not worthy of publishing - they were too generic and had often been churned out for the sake of satisfying my schedule. I guess blogging became more of a chore than a hobby.

Now at the end of this brief hiatus, I realise that it is okay to not timetable your blog. Sunbeamjess (a YouTuber who is at university) explains my predicament the best, I think. She tweeted:

That is me. Unable to find the healthy balance between university/blogging and 'no motivation'/'uber motivation'.

From now, my next course of action will be to post on Sundays only. Yes, Mr. Dursley was wrong,  there is post on Sundays! I'm assuming it will be more manageable because it is a single weekend day, and because I'll have the entire week to produce something I'm proud of. If that fails, then I am afraid you will have to expect sporadic posts! Wish me luck.

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