'Retro' by Mac

Alternatively titled: Day-To-Day Mac Lipstick: Retro

I have long been frustrated by the cosmetics industry and their halfhearted attempts at catering for darker skin tones. Just consider for a moment the limited range of drugstore foundations and nude lipsticks that exist for darker complexions... Make-up isn't equally weighted for all skin tones, right?

If you have ever owned a make-up gift set, you will know that the lipsticks provided are almost always the lightest shade of pink a.k.a nudes for light skin tones. It annoys me SO MUCH because it is a problem that can be avoided; companies could easily substitute pale pinks for a red of some sort, which is a timeless colour and compliments all skin tones, but no! I had grown tired of how many times I would find myself in Boots, confused with 6+ swatches on my hand, unable to decipher which lipstick shade was a nude for me in the poorly lit store. Maybe I'm just incompetent when it comes to make-up. Maybe the lack of make-up for darker skin tones is the problem. Maybe it's both. Who knows? Nonetheless, I had withdrawn from my hunt to find a *begrudgingly types* NUDE in my early teens, but restarted when the whole 'Kylie Jenner's lips' fiasco began; her rumoured weapon of choice - Velvet Teddy - looked as though it could be the nude I had longed for. Although Velvet Teddy was out of stock when I visited Mac, I was surprised to find they had a decent range of nude lipsticks that complimented my skin tone - finally the problem was not finding a nude lipstick, but narrowing down the choices!

I had written a separate paragraph on how I'd gone to Plymouth with Ollie and was annoyed by the influx of 13 year old girls aimlessly hovering around the lipstick area in Mac, but I think I should save my shopping annoyances for another miniature rant.

Now that I have Retro I realise that Velvet Teddy would not have been an ideal nude for me; Retro is pinker than Velvet Teddy, and just a tad lighter than my natural lip colour, which is exactly what I needed.

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect lipstick?

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