'Retro' by Mac

Alternatively titled: Day-To-Day Mac Lipstick: Retro

I have long been frustrated by the cosmetics industry and their halfhearted attempts at catering for darker skin tones. Just consider for a moment the limited range of drugstore foundations and nude lipsticks that exist for darker complexions... Make-up isn't equally weighted for all skin tones, right?

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone, for this Sunday's post I was nominated by Louie and Coco to complete The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you both for nominating me; I'll try my best to include facts that I haven't already mentioned in my 'About' page.

Instagram by Oliver Cole

Hello all,

Ollie kindly agreed to guest post this week for me. I'm short on time at present because my course has unloaded two major deadlines on us all, so I'm moderately stressed and did not want the pressure of my blog timetable (Wednesdays and Sundays) to stress me any further. Ollie has been the backbone of my blog since the start, and now you can see for yourself how wonderful he is for investing his time and effort into this post for me - thank you Ols! Oh, and if you would like to find him on social media (namely Instagram and Youtube), his username for everything is 'rescw' (he insists it isn't pronounced 'rescue').

Lots of love, Ang

DIY: Tea (Valentine's Day Gift Idea)

Ollie and I are one of those couples who tend to do the bare minimum for Valentines Day, so this year I decided to make him homemade tea. His addiction to herbal tea is ridiculous; a gift that is tea related seemed like the only option at hand. After much thought I chose to make cranberry flavoured, heart-shaped tea bags because A) a heart is virtually the only shape to use Valentine's Day, and B) cranberry tea turns the water reddish-pink, thereby turning the hearts reddish-pink - ah such cheesiness!

Considering that Ollie and I spend most of our time together, I went to great lengths to keep this a surprise from him. As it happens, I habitually send Ollie my edited pictures to critique and I idiotically sent him the picture above, which completely ruined the surprise. I'm such an idiot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the DIY!

OOTD: Swanpool Beach

01/02/14 OOTD at the Swanpool and Gyllyngvase beaches in Falmouth.

This wasn't supposed to be an outfit of the day post because Ollie and I had planned solely to explore Swanpool beach, which is a short 15 minute walk from Gylly beach. As it happens, Swanpool beach is a smelly subpar double of Gylly beach, so our entire journey/plan was rendered pointless. We ended up utilising our journey to Swanpool beach by taking some OOTD snaps for my blog; I accidentally ended up in an entire Topshop outfit, but I hope you like my first outfit post nonetheless!

DIY: Make-Up Storage

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, along with the pictures of my last few posts, so apologies for the excessive blue lighting.

Like my 'DIY Fairy Lights Lamp' post, this post is going to be more about storage inspiration rather than a prescribed DIY - unless of course you would like to store your brushes how I have done so!