DIY: Make-Up Storage

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, along with the pictures of my last few posts, so apologies for the excessive blue lighting.

Like my 'DIY Fairy Lights Lamp' post, this post is going to be more about storage inspiration rather than a prescribed DIY - unless of course you would like to store your brushes how I have done so!

If you want to store your brushes precisely how I have done, you will need:

That is all. Just empty the contents into the pot, and then stick the brushes in; the brushes will be able to stand up, once they're wedged into the crushed glass, so you can easily pick them out again!

If the pots aren't to your taste, you can always substitute them for something else. The same applies to the crushed glass, you could use beads or small stones - whatever you'd like!

At the moment I don't have many brushes, so I transferred the little I do have into this used (and cleaned) 'Lyle's Golden Syrup' pot. I really like how random jars and pots, such as this one, add a an ounce of character to a space. Right now my entire make-up storage space consists of black and white boxes, and the above white pots, so this Syrup pot detracts from the repetitive colour scheme. Also, I just like to reuse things because the planet > all else.

In my second pot I threw in my regularly used lipsticks and lip balms. I've previously attempted to have an organised make-up space but, because I'm always in a rush, it inevitably ends up messy. The pots are useful because you quickly throw in whatever make-up item you've used with the assurance that your space will look clear and pretty!

Bye for now,


  1. This is such a lovely idea!

    Amy x

  2. I have this pot for my brushes too... but i didn't pick up the glass stone which is a nice touch ! xxx

    KirstyLeigh // Bloglovin

    1. Thanks, they were in the flower part of Ikea! I realised they'd be handy because the pot is HUGE and all the brushes would get lost at the bottom haha xxx