DIY: Fairy Lights Lamp

This is a bit of an easy-peasy DIY but nonetheless I thought I would post about it. The lightbulb in my regular lamp (that I desperately relied on) broke a while back, and in an attempt to organise my haphazard desk of jars and fairy lights, I somehow created a feasible substitute for my broken lamp. This post is essentially about the idea of a jar-lamp, and hopefully will be received more as food for thought rather than an actual DIY. I hope that makes sense? Forgive me if it doesn't; I've had a tediously long day of seminars, house viewings, and workshops. Anyway, without further ado, here is a not-so-DIY.

1) I used a 'Kilner' jar, though you may want to use anything that is somewhat clear/translucent. Ollie's mum did the same thing but instead of using a jar she used a pretty vase-thing; it's made of cut glass so it reflects rainbow flecks across the room. Though, now saying that, my version seems subpar. If you, like me, choose a 'Kilner' jar, then just remove the metal frame that holds the lid to the main body, and that's the hardest part done! I wouldn't recommend keeping the lid on incase the lights overheat - overheating is never good.

2) For fairy lights, I used some cheap ones I bought from Poundland. You can, again, use anything you like; if the lamp had been an intentional DIY I probably would have invested in some prettier red bulb lights. My actual plan was to hang the lights up for Christmas, but the wire is circular so they don't have a start and end, and instead annoyingly bunch together. Kind of like this:

3) The second 'hardest' step is manoeuvring the lights into the jar. Of course, if you choose a jar/vase/thing with a smaller opening, then ensure you are patient when poking the lights in - you wouldn't want to damage them! Also, if you don't want wires hanging out of the jar (to connect the plug to the mains) you could consider using battery operated fairy lights so that everything can be tucked into the jar, and nothing has to hang out.

4) Anddd there you have it, a quirky alternative to a regular lamp!

Bye for now,


  1. I love it! :)

  2. Thank you! I looked through your DIYs and you're way better at sewing than I am haha x