Classic Polaroid vs. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Before beginning I would like to clarify that I will be referring to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as 'Instax', and to the classic Polaroid 600 Sun camera as 'Polaroid'. This is probably an important distinction - the Instax is NOT, as much as people may wish it to be, a Polaroid camera in make or nature, it is an instant camera. As you will find in the post, the cameras and films of both the Instax and Polaroid are entirely different. Also, all Instax cameras and films are made by Fujifilm, whereas all Polaroid cameras were either made by Polaroid years ago or are refurbished by The Impossible Project; all Polaroid film production was ceased by Polaroid, and now is only made by The Impossible Project. Incidentally, The Impossible Project have a few stores dotted around Europe - I stumbled across their adorable shop in East Berlin - but as far as I know, Fujiflm do not.

DIY: Fairy Lights Lamp

This is a bit of an easy-peasy DIY but nonetheless I thought I would post about it. The lightbulb in my regular lamp (that I desperately relied on) broke a while back, and in an attempt to organise my haphazard desk of jars and fairy lights, I somehow created a feasible substitute for my broken lamp. This post is essentially about the idea of a jar-lamp, and hopefully will be received more as food for thought rather than an actual DIY. I hope that makes sense? Forgive me if it doesn't; I've had a tediously long day of seminars, house viewings, and workshops. Anyway, without further ado, here is a not-so-DIY.

New Year's Resolutions

First and foremost, I'd like to say a belated happy New Year to anyone who is reading this!

Throughout the Christmas break, Ollie's dad was life-coaching Ollie to change his daily routine for the imminent New Year, and then, in the first few days of 2015, I stumbled upon this blogpost which in essence was what the life-coaching entailed. I think the blogpost affected me more than I had anticipated, and was my primary inspiration, along with the advice I had heard for Ollie, in changing my own daily routine for this year, and hopefully for as long as I physically can. I have pinpointed 3 aspects of my life which I would like to change, and that have so far proved successful in making my happier and healthier (I think)!