The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future

I've chosen the Los Campesinos! title for two reasons: they played in London this week, which I missed as I am still in Cornwall for a few more days; and I went on a walk along the sea (for 5 hours) with Ollie on Saturday, and as it happens the sea is a good place to think about the future, as well as the present. I'm not usually one willingly wanting to walk for a ridiculous amount of time - being from London and catching the frequent bus or tube service for two or more stops hasn't done me any favours in that respect. Nevertheless, Ollie coaxed me into doing it with the promise that I would be able to use his Canon 60D camera, yay. Here are some of our pictures:

After Ollie and I had been on the rocks for a while, we turned to see this dog running towards us, looking as happy as can be. I spoke to the owner, who said the dog is named Poppy and apparently loves wading through the sea whenever she possibly can. When leaving, we turned again to see her plunge into the ocean with a typical cheeky dog-grin! Adorable! 

Personally, I have always been petrified of the ocean because of the unknown within it (i.e. creepy fish things with lights on their heads), so for the most part of my life I have happily avoided contact with expansive water. Simultaneously I think the sea is the most beautiful and sublime part of Earth - although I'd be terrified to go inside the water, I could sit  for hours on end just staring at the waves, with different shades of blue clashing together, and wondering what exactly is hidden behind the horizon or under the sea. It probably goes without saying, but I would recommend walking to or by the sea if you are stressed or feeling down.

Bye for now,
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