Christmas Day

I spent Christmas with Ollie and his family this year, and I'm grateful because they made every moment of it special. The day began at 9am with Daisy (Ollie's sister/ biscuit mastermind) waking us up and giving us our stockings to open; once we had showered etc we joined their parents, ate breakfast, and opened the presents under the tree! Then after a while of relaxing we had our Christmas dinner, followed by a Christmas walk and pudding, along with more relaxing.

This is a very eager Daisy opening her presents. 

Ollie and Daisy's parents, Julie and Andrew, also opening their presents.

I usually enjoy nosing at what other bloggers get for Christmas so thought I would share some of the goodies I got. My own family gave me money, which is their go-to present for me I think, though I don't feel as if I'm difficult to buy for? Anyway, so I got money, the Naked 2 palette, a vinyl, some clothes, stationery, and lots of other smaller things; so far I have spent the money on more vinyls, clothes, and make-up! Thank you to everyone who bought or made me a card or present!  

Moving on to the scrumptious Christmas dinner that Ollie's parents had put lots of effort in to:

Anddd this me with a cracker hat.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too.
Bye for now,


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